• Teaching Practice

    Students in the School of Dentistry, under the close supervision of faculty members, offer dental services at a discounted price in exchange for an extra investment of your time. If you choose our practice, you will need to go through our screening process before obtaining an appointment.

    Teaching practice

  • Resident Practice

    We offer comprehensive dental care performed by dental residents who have already received professional dental degrees and are completing advanced training under the supervision of dental faculty.

    Resident practice

  • Faculty Practice

    The Faculty Practice at UT Dentistry is staffed by licensed dentists who are also on faculty at the School of Dentistry. When you receive treatment by dentists from the School of Dentistry, you'll get services and expertise from seasoned professionals who also teach our future dentists. Our office has the feel of a private practice with the resources of a nationally recognized dental school.

    Faculty practice

  • Private Practice

    The General Dentistry Clinic is UT Dentistry’s private practice dental care model. The dedicated dental team offers personalized comprehensive and preventive oral health care as well as restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Patients get to personally know their dentist while also receiving the highest level of individualized care.

    Private Practice